This is more detailed than Level 1, Persons must be in possession of a valid First aid level 1 certificate to enroll for this course, the option of doing level 1 & 2 combined as one course is available (you do not need a valid certificate if you do the combined course).

In first aid level 2 we review the first aid level 1 topics and start looking at additional topics such as medical conditions (epilepsy, diabetes etc) we also discuss poisoning, spinal injuries, anatomy and physiology, etc. We also cover insect, scorpion and snake bites which is great for field guides ( Our courses are recognized by FGASA and SWIMSA)

I recommend that you look at the topics covered in first aid level 3 if you enjoy first aid and have done a first aid level 2 course, we cover more topics in depth such as drowning, emergency child birth, more medical conditions, HIV, etc.


Topics covered in First Aid Level 2:

Module 1ááááááááááááá Basic Principles of First Aid and Safety

Module 2ááááááááááááá Vital Signs

Module 3ááááááááááááá Shock and Fainting

Module 4ááááááááááááá Examination of a Patient

Module 5 áááááááááááá Triage (Emergency Scene Management)

Module 6ááááááááááááá Choking Emergencies & Artificial Respiration

Module 7ááááááááááááá Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation ( CPR )

Module 8ááááááááááááá Wound dressings and Bandages

Module 9ááááááááááááá Bleeding & Wounds

Module 10áááááááááá Burn wounds

Module 11áááááááááá Fractures and dislocations

Module 12áááááááááá Poisoning, Bites and Stings

Module 13áááááááááá Environmental and Soft Tissue injuries

Module 14áááááááááá Medicalá Conditions

Module 15áááááááááá Anatomy and Physiology


Duration: 3 Days

This course is Approved by the Dept Of Labour

CI: 565


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