Terms & Conditions


 Upon enrollment the candidate / company is committed to the financial obligations as per the quotation given to them.

 Payment, enrollment form and copy of id is required prior to commencement of course.

 Cancellations fees are applicable, Notification of cancellation is required minimum of 10 days prior to training otherwise the candidates / company will be held liable for the full course fee.

 “No shows” will be charged for in full.

 First Aid Prices Include facilitation, student manual, cpr kit, certificate. Prices exclude VAT, delivery, traveling, catering and venue unless otherwise stipulated.

 Candidates are to adhere to Nfast learner’s code of conduct and Nfast policies and procedures, which are available on request.

 A booking confirmation must be completed upon acceptance of the quotation and returned to National First Aid and Safety Training (NFAST).

 Ensure that the booking confirmation is completed FULLY, signed and returned to confirm the booking, we can only reserve the allocated date once booking confirmation is received.

 Should we not receive your booking confirmation NFAST has the right to re-allocate the dates to another candidate, dates will be issued on a first come first book basis as per booking confirmations received.

 The invoice will be generated in accordance with the signed booking confirmation.

 Full Payment is required before a booking is deemed as confirmed and such payment is required minimum of 5 working days before commencement of the course to ensure your seat, unless cash payment is made at the training centre prior to commencement of training. Payment can be made via EFT as per invoice, should Cheque payment be made then funds must clear in our account prior to training so please ensure deposit is done to allow for a 10 to 14 working day cheque clearance period.  Training will not proceed if full payment is not received prior to commencement of the course.

 NFAST offers “Public courses” at NFAST Venue for private or individual candidates and is recommended for companies who only have 1 or 2 candidates, NFAST reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course for any reason whatsoever and reschedule such course for alternate dates.

 No refunds will be given if a learner does not arrive and the client will still be liable for the full amount invoiced for the learner, however substitutions are accepted at no additional costs, or the learner may attend the same course on another date set by NFAST with another booked course if place is available with prior arrangement.

 The number of learners booked for on-site training is the number of learners that will be invoiced. If there are fewer learners than booked and paid for, no refunds or credit will be given. If additional learners attend the course, this will be charged for as additional. Minimum quantities of 3 learners per course are required for any on-site training.

 On-site training ; means at the clients premises or venue which is suitable for training, this venue must be large enough and suitable for training, must have a comfortable environment , must have suitable toilet facilities and needs to at least have water or some suitable form of hydration for the for the learners and facilitator/s. it must be in a room or covered area with electrical points available for training equipment.

 Should the minimum qty of 3 learners per course not be met there will be a surcharge of R250 per learner course day as per course stipulations irrespective of period in which course is completed. (Ie. First aid level 3 surcharge would be for 5days @ R250 per day irrespective of period in which course is completed) This is in aid to cover costs of assessor.

 No results or certificates will be issued unless payment has been received in full and learners ID copies are recieved, including clients who have credit facilities.

 Certificates are issued in the learners name directly to the company paying for the course, unless the learners are private individuals paying for themselves.

 Learner names and ID numbers are printed on the Certificates as per the learners ID and learner information (registration) form. Re-printed certificates will be charged for.

 Certificates are issued in PDF Format as standard unless printed hardcopy certificate is requested on the booking confirmation form. (there is a R50 processing fee).

 Travel costs apply for on-site training @ R3.50 p/km from our main training venues (Gauteng – Brakpan). No charge will be charged for 6 or more candidates per course where the travel distance is less than 100km from our training centres.

 Additional accommodation costs apply where instructors are required to lodge locally near the on-site training location.

 Lunch costs may apply to training scheduled, at a additional cost per learner upon request, please inform your booking coordinator to include this in your quotation otherwise lunch is not supplied.

 100% course attendance is a course completion criteria for any/all courses undertaken.

 National First Aid and Safety Training (NFAST) shall use its best endeavours to train our learners, customers and service their equipment correctly and timeously but does not warrant that it shall do so nor does it warrant that the customer shall not incur any damages resulting from our services or related occurrences or resulting from the equipment not having been serviced properly or personnel not having trained properly or the results from training recieved. The customer hereby waives any claims it may have against National First Aid and Safety Training (NFAST) and indemnifies National First Aid and Safety Training (NFAST) and holds it harmless against all liabilities arising out of the causes of action set out.

 There are course and learner specific terms and conditions available on request.